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I loved the idea of a New Year interview for kids ever since I first discovered it!

The yearly interview is a wonderful way to capture precious memories, so we turned it into a family tradition.

It’s so nice to see how the children’s answers change over time, and the interviews will certainly be a keepsake we’ll cherish for years to come!

If you like the idea of starting this tradition with your kids, you can download our template at the end of the article.

At the end of the year, invite your kids to fill in the interview together. Then invite them to add a drawing on the additional page, and trace their handprint on the back.

It’s lovely to have these memories captured at the end of each year to see how much your kids change over the years and enjoy old memories and drawings.

How to download the printable New Year interview for kids

The template has been updated for 2020.

To download the printable file, you just need to click on the below link.

Click here to download the printable file

I hope you and your kids will enjoy it!

I wish you a happy New Year, with a lot of happy moments with your family!

A New Year interview for kids is a wonderful way to capture precious memories! Download the printable interview and start this lovely tradition with your children!

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  1. What a great idea!! My little peanut isn’t quite old enough yet, but I definitely want to use this next year!