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I hope that you enjoyed trying the daily activities throughout Playful Week and that they brought you fun, playful moments with your kids.

Below you can find two bonus activities to try during the weekend.

One is an outdoor activity that you can easily try in your neighborhood, and the other one is a fun, relaxing activity to do with your kids at home.

1. Neighborhood scavenger hunt

This activity is great for making family walks more fun! It’s very easy to set up, and the kids will enjoy the challenge of finding all the items on the list.


  • the printable scavenger hunt (you can find it in my email)
  • pens or markers
  • (optional) clipboards.


  • Print the scavenger hunt page. (optional) Use a clipboard to hold the paper easier during the scavenger hunt.
  • Grab a pen or marker and go for a family walk in your neighborhood.
  • Invite the kids to look for the items on the list. Set a time frame for the scavenger hunt and challenge the kids to find all the items before the time ends.

Get the printable file: You can find the printable scavenger hunt in my email so you can easily download it for your kids.

neighborhood scavenger hunt for kids

2. Story time in a fort


  • bedsheets and blankets
  • pillows
  • a table that will be transformed into a reading fort
  • books to read together
ideas for family movie night


  • Invite your kids to help you set up the reading fort.
  • Cover the table with two bedsheets (or blankets) and transform it into a reading den. Put blankets and pillows inside to make it cozy.
  • Bring a few books to read with your kids and invite them to bring some books as well.
  • Enjoy your special storytime in the reading fort!
ideas for family movie night

I hope you and your kids will enjoy these ideas! Have a fun weekend!

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