valentines day bingo for kids

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Inside: Download a printable Valentine’s Day bingo game to enjoy with your kids.

When I created our family time calendar for February, we decided that the theme of the month will be “love”. It seemed the perfect choice in the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I prepared a few fun activities for us to enjoy together.

One of the activities is a Valentine’s Day bingo with a twist: instead of just playing the bingo game, I added conversation starters on each of the calling cards.

Whenever a player has the calling card on their board, they also need to do what is written on it (e.g., name a person they admire, share something they love about their family).

I wanted this game to bring us closer as a family and offer us the opportunity to connect and have fun!

If you like this idea, I hope you’ll enjoy this game with your kids as well!

valentines day bingo for kids

How to prepare the Valentine’s Day conversation bingo game

1. Print all the pages. For durability, you can print them on cardboard paper or laminate them. (You can print 2 pages per sheet to create smaller bingo boards.)

2. Cut all the cards from the calling cardboards.

3. Prepare a bowl with items to put on the bingo board every time a player gets a hit! (Always make sure the items are safe for little ones if you have young kids)

Valentine's Day conversation bingo for kids

How to play the Valentine’s Day bingo game

  • Create a stack of all the calling cards and turn them face down.
  • Give each player one bingo board (you will find 7 of them in this set).
  • Turn the top card on the stack over and call it out. If a player has it on their bingo board, they take an item from the bowl and place it on the corresponding image on their board. Here is the twist for this bingo game: The player also needs to do what is written on the calling card (e.g., name an activity they love to do).
  • The game ends when one of the players has found all the images on their bingo board.

Download the printable Valentine’s Day bingo

To download the game you just need to click the link below. I hope you and your kids will enjoy it!

Click here to download the printable bingo game

Valentine's Day conversation bingo for kids

More ideas for Valentine’s Day

Download a printable Valentine’s Day bingo game to enjoy with your family. Kids will love this game, and you'll get the chance to connect with them using the conversation cards!

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