Being stuck at home with the kids for so long is challenging for all of us, so I put together a list of resources that can help you handle these days easier.

I will update this list regularly, so you can have all the resources in one place and access them easily anytime you need.

✔️ At-home learning resources

free resources during school closures

These resources are tested by us, so you don’t waste time going through tons of resources to figure out which one is best for your kids.

Access them here >> 8 free resources that will help you during school closures.

🎉 Birthday celebrations

quarantine resources for parents

If you have any birthdays coming up in your family, check out these simple ideas that will help you plan a lovely celebration at home.

Access the ideas here >> How to make your child’s birthday special during quarantine.

✔️ At-home family night ideas

quarantine resources for parents

Discover a list of 31 easy and fun at-home family night ideas. They are great for building connection and having fun together!

Download the printable list here >> At-home family night ideas.

✔️ Weekly activity schedules for kids

quarantine resources for parents

You can use the ideas to keep kids busy, but you can also use them as inspiration when you want to spend quality time with your little ones.

Download the printable schedules here >> Schedule for week 1 and Schedule for week 2.

** New schedules will be added soon

✔️ The best activity ideas to try at home

quarantine resources for parents

Make the most of the time you spend at home with your kids with easy & fun activity ideas delivered straight to your inbox!

>> Join the FREE 10-day challenge here: Family Lockdown Fun Challenge.

Every day you will get:

  • one easy family activity to enjoy together
  • one resource that will make learning more fun
  • one awesome bonus idea for kids to try at home.

The next challenge starts very soon and I would be very glad if you would join us!

⭐ Family Fun at Home (printable pack)

quarantine resources for parents

This printable pack offers you everything you need to connect with your kids, make memories together, and keep the little ones busy (and happy) for hours!

>> Download the printable pack here: Family Fun at Home.

family fun at home

I hope you’ll enjoy these ideas and that they will make these days at home with the kids easier and happier!