road trip games for kids

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Keeping children entertained during a long car trip is not easy!

If they get bored and frustrated by the long ride, the whole road trip becomes less enjoyable for everyone!

We travel often, so our kids are used to spending many hours in the car. Still, this doesn’t mean that I don’t need to always find new ways for us to have fun in the car. This is how I discovered some great road trip games for young kids!

If you are preparing for a road trip with your kids, these free and fun games are perfect for keeping them busy during the journey!

What I love most about these ideas is that they don’t require any preparations or supplies, so you can try them anytime you want!

Road trip games for kids

1. Color hunt

Just think about the colors of the rainbow and take them one by one. For each color, invite your child to find something of that color inside or outside the car. As soon as the child finds a color, you move on to the next one.

2. “Tell me an animal that…”

All young kids like animals, so this game is a great way to keep them busy in a playful way! The idea is simple: ask your child to guess an animal giving him a simple clue. Depending on your child’s age, the challenge can be more or less complicated.

Examples for toddlers: “Tell me an animal that is white.” or “Tell me an animal that howls.”

Examples for preschoolers: “Tell me an animal that lives in the jungle.” or “Tell me an animal that carries the baby in a pouch.”

3. Finding cars

Invite your child to find cars of a specific color on the road. (for example: “Find 4 blue cars.”). They will show you anytime they see a car of that color, and you will count them together until they find all of them.

4. Silly faces

Laughing is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in the car, and this game is perfect for this! You and your child take turns making silly faces. One of you is making funny, silly faces, and the other is challenged not to laugh at them. When one laughs, it’s their turn to make silly faces.

5. Number hunt

For each number from 0 to 9, invite your child to find it on a road sign or on a license plate. As soon as the child finds one number, you move on to the next one.

road trip games for kids

6. Letter hunt

The game is similar to the number hunt, but it’s more suitable for preschoolers. Take the letters of the alphabet one by one and invite your child to search for them on license plates or street signs. It’s easier to play this game inside cities where you can find more signs and displays.

For young kids, you can adapt the game and only look for the vowels.

More road trip games for kids

7. Name all the fruits

This game is a challenge to name all the fruits that you know. You and your child take turns and name one fruit. You cannot repeat what was already told. You repeat this until none of you knows any other fruits.

You can play the same game with vegetables, animals, or toys.

8. Traffic signs hunt

You and your child will look after traffic signs on the road. The one that sees a sign says “spotted” and shows it. For preschoolers, you can make this game even more challenging by asking them to say what each sign means.

9. I spy with my little eye

You probably already know this game. You look in the car or on the road and say something about an object you see. The other players need to guess the object. Then you take turns choosing an object and guessing it.

Example: “I spy with my little eye something green.” or “I spy with my little eye something to eat.”

road trip games for kids

10. Feathers, fur, or skin

One player names an animal, and the other one needs to say if that animal has feathers, fur, or skin. Then you take turns.

11. Silly songs

When it comes to making your child laugh, this is the perfect game! The idea is very simple: you sing a song in a very silly way. You either use a strange voice, sing it very loud or alternate the volume of your voice very quickly. You can sing a children’s song that you know by heart, or you can sing a song from the radio.

Kids will certainly enjoy their turn on this game! Be prepared for a lot of noise! 🙂

12. Printable road trip games for young kids

Another alternative for keeping kids busy during road trips is to use printable games and activities.

You can find many printable games online based on your child’s age and interests. If you are looking for a set of printable games and activities to use throughout your vacation, check out our printable Summer Fun Kit.

The Summer Fun Kit includes everything you need to add more joy to your summer, make memories with your kids, and keep the little ones busy (and happy) for hours.

summer fun kit for kids

I hope you and your kids will enjoy these game ideas during your family road trip!


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  1. Great ideas for both car rides and while waiting for somewhere (in line, at restaurants, etc.). We play I Spy all the time, but these would be good to mix it up!

    1. Raluca Loteanu says:

      I’m glad that you liked the ideas, Shannon! 🙂

  2. This will be great for my road trip with my littles next month! Great suggestions!

    1. Raluca Loteanu says:

      I hope that you had a wonderful road trip and that you enjoyed the games! 🙂

  3. Thank you for a great list! Pinning this, printing this, and hoping it helps in our 20 hr road trip with my 2 yr old whos always hated the car and never left our city! She’s been better since turning 2 so fingers crossed!