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Playful Mom Toolkit (our most popular ebook)

playful mom toolkit

The Playful Mom Toolkit will offer you ideas for 20 days of play and connection to help you build a stronger relationship with your child!

You'll only need to reserve 30 minutes a day to put the ideas into practice and you won't need any special supplies except the printables in the activity pack.


Do you need more details? Go to the Playful Mom Toolkit page.

Family Contributions Kit

family contributions kit

The Family Contributions Kit will offer you everything you need to get your kids involved in household tasks in a playful way!

This new approach to children's chores will make kids want to help and contribute! It will help you raise responsible and helpful kids and will encourage them to be independent and do the hard work.


Coupon Book for Kids

coupon book for kids

The coupon book will be a gift that will delight your child like no other. It's all about spending time with your child, making them feel special, and bringing many smiles on their faces throughout the whole year!

All you need to do is download the coupons, print them, create the cute little coupon book, and offer it to your child!


Do you need more details? Go to the Coupon Book for Kids page.

Happy Mom Planner

Do you ever wish a life with a little more balance?

Would you like to accomplish more of your goals and dreams instead of getting caught in a busy schedule that only makes you feel tired and overwhelmed? The Happy Mom Planner is designed for busy moms like you.


Do you need more details? Go to the Happy Mom Planner page.

Family Travel Bundle

The Family Travel Bundle will help you keep kids busy and happy during car trips or long flights!

The bundle includes everything you need to make traveling with kids easier and a lot more fun!


Do you need more details? Go to the Family Travel Bundle page.

Happy Dates Kit

happy dates kit

The Happy Dates Kit will offer you 36 super cute date cards to help you create a wonderful date book!

The kit will help you become more intentional about planning dates with your loved one and build a happier relationship.


Do you need more details? Go to the Happy Dates Kit page.

Our Happy Customers


Thank you for creating this resource! I'm a single mom and it's hard to find enough quality time to spend with my daughter. These ideas were exactly what I needed and they helped me connect with her every day!

(about the Playful Mom Toolkit)


This bundle was perfect for our vacation! My son spent a lot of time doing the activities and we finally had a quiet trip! My older son (he is 8) also liked some of the activities - the travel bingo was his favorite!

This kit gave me more confidence to travel with both of them and plan more family vacations with the boys!

(about the Family Travel Bundle)


I bought the kit and used the date cards to prepare a gift for my husband. He was excited to see it and we already had 2 dates this month!

I can't wait to test all the ideas! Thank you for inspiring us to try this!

(about the Happy Dates Kit)

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