silly hearts heart art activity for kids

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Some days ago we bough a few Valentine’s Day craft supplies to use for some fun activities, and my son wanted us to start using them right away!

I asked him what supplies he likes the most and he quickly pointed to a set of colored hearts in our bag.

The easiest way to use them was to create a heart collage with the different materials we had at hand, so I quickly set up this activity for him.

He had a lot of fun using googly eyes, pom poms, craft gems, and markers to create “silly hearts”, and I loved watching him use his creativity to decorate the hearts.

silly hearts heart art activity for kids

If you want to try this activity with your kids, here is how to quickly prepare it.

You will need:

  • heart-shaped paper cut-outs (we bought a set of colored paper hearts, but you can also create them easily using cardboard paper)
  • craft supplies

You can use any craft supplies you have at hand. We used:

  • glue (or glitter glue).
silly hearts heart art activity for kids

How to prepare the activity:

I put all the supplies in a sectional tray (we have this one) so my son can easily choose the ones he wants to use.

Then I invited him to decorate the paper hearts and let him use his imagination to create some “silly hearts”.

His favorite ones were the yellow “allien heart” (with many googly eyes) and the “heart people” on the red heart. 😊

silly hearts heart art activity for kids

This activity is great for encouraging kids to get creative while also practicing their fine motor skills.

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