A sneak peek inside the Family Travel Bundle

The Family Travel Bundle includes:

My Travel Activities

40 pages of printable activities

"My Travel Activities" is the main resource included in the Family Travel Bundle and is a printable pack full of easy and fun activities for young kids to do during long trips!

The activities are great for both toddlers and preschoolers and they will keep kids busy for hours!

Here are some of the activities included in this printable pack:

- scavenger hunts (for road trips, airplane trips, camping trips)

- counting activities and games

- alphabet activities and games

- matching activities

- travel bingo

- other games and activities

Mom's Travel Helper

14 pages of inspiration

"Mom's Travel Helper" includes additional resources to help you handle long trips easier and make them more fun for the whole family.

This printable pack includes:

    - road trip games

    - "Would you rather..." questions for young kids

    - road trip questions for your kids

    - packing lists for the whole family

    - "travel tickets" to make long trips more playful for your kids

My Travel Journal

printable journal pages

This travel journal will allow kids to record every day of their vacation in an easy and playful way!

Creating this journal is also a wonderful way for parents to connect with the kids and capture happy memories!

The printable file includes 8 different page templates for you to create a lovely travel journal of all the wonderful experiences that you enjoyed during the vacation!

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