A sneak peek inside the Playful Mom Challenge kit

The Playful Mom Challenge kit includes:

The Playful Mom Challenge workbook

24 pages of activity ideas

The idea behind this challenge is to offer you easy ideas for 20 days of activities that will help you connect with your kid(s) and have fun together! 

The workbook includes all the inspiration you'll need for enjoying 20 days of play and connection! Every day you'll have a new idea to put into practice with your kids! To put the challenge into practice you'll only need 30 minutes a day.

The activities don't require any special supplies and preparations! The only supplies you'll need are things that you already have at home and the printable pages from the activity pack!

The printable Playful Mom Activity Pack

11 printable resources

The printable pack includes:

   - a mom-child journal to use during the 20 days of the challenge

   - a calendar and a tracker to keep you focused on the activities

   - all the printable pages that you'll need for the activities in the workbook (plus some additional ideas to inspire you).

This activity pack will make this challenge even easier to put into practice! Also, you'll be able to use the printables again everytime you want to repeat one of the activities with your kids!

Inside the Playful Mom Challenge kit

Here is how the Playful Mom Challenge kit looks like:

- printable resources to help you put the challenge into practice

- separate pages dedicated to each of the activity ideas

- printable activities to enjoy with your kids

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