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Inside: Discover 16 free and fun spring activities for kids that the whole family will love!

Spending quality time with our kids doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money! In fact, some of the best memories I have with my kids were simple and fun activities that didn’t cost a thing!

This is why I’ve decided to create a bucket list of fun things to do this spring without spending any money! I hope you’ll enjoy these ideas as well!

16 fun spring activities for kids

At the end of this article, you’ll also find a printable spring bucket list to keep at hand and use anytime you want to plan a fun activity with your kids!

1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Spring is an awesome time to enjoy nature! To make a nature walk more fun for your kids, prepare a scavenger hunt.

You can download a printable nature scavenger hunt from here.

spring activities for kids nature scavenger hunt

2. Plant seeds with your kids and watch them grow

If you have a backyard, this activity is a great way to teach kids about gardening and also encourage them to be responsible for taking care of the plants.

There are also many ideas you can try even if you don’t have a backyard. Here are our favorites:

🌱 Want to keep your kids busy and creative this spring and build happy memories together? Download the Spring Play and Creative Fun guide here and start enjoying the ideas with your little ones!

3. Read books about spring

You can get many wonderful spring books for kids at the library, and enjoy them during your story times.

Here are some of our favorite children’s books to read during the spring months:

4. Enjoy story time and art time outdoors

One lovely way to enjoy the nice spring weather is to move some activities that you usually do indoors in an outdoor setting (either your backyard or a park near your home).

Pack your favorite books, find a nice and quiet place, and read them together! Or gather some art supplies and get creative outdoors making drawings inspired by nature.

spring activities for kids story time outdoors

5. Have a picnic in the park

Pack your kids’ favorite snacks, some card games or a frisbee and enjoy a picnic in the park.

6. Start a nature journal with your kids

Spring is a great time to explore nature with your kids because there are so many changes they can observe.

When you go on a walk with your kids, encourage them to collect different nature items and observe interesting things to include in their journal. When you get home encourage them to include their observations in the journal using drawings or notes.

7. Visit a farm

This is always fun for the kids, and spring is a great time to see all the baby animals.

8. Go on a hike

A family hike is a great way to connect and spend quality time together without any distractions.

To make hiking more fun for the kids, here are two nice ideas to try:

spring activities for kids go on a hike

9. Collect rocks and paint them

Go for a walk and collect rocks of different shapes. Then use your creativity to paint and decorate them!

You can also create a nice rock exhibition at the end!

10. Feed the ducks

Go to a lake or pond near your home and feed the ducks and other birds.

11. Fly a kite

If you don’t have a kite, you can create one using a paper bag (you can find a great tutorial by Somewhat Simple here).

spring activities for kids fly a kite

12. Plan an outdoor playdate

Invite some of your children’s friends to an outdoor playdate. The children will love the opportunity to run and be loud and you’ll enjoy watching them having fun!

More fun spring activities for kids

13. Plan a themed family movie night

Use spring holidays as inspiration and plan a special movie night to enjoy with your kids.

Here are some ideas:

  • watch “Hop” and have an Easter-themed family night

14. Host a spring-inspired creative day at home

On a rainy weekend day, place your favorite arts and crafts supplies on a big table and invite the whole family to get creative! Encourage your kids to create drawings, painting, or crafts inspired by spring.

Leave the materials available all day long so the kids can create as many things as they like. At the end of the day, prepare a little exhibitions with some of your kids’ creations.

🌱 Want to keep your kids busy and creative this spring and build happy memories together? Download the Spring Play and Creative Fun guide here and start enjoying the ideas with your little ones!

15. Prepare a fun Easter egg hunt

The Easter egg hunt is one of our favorite family traditions, so we try to prepare something special every year.

One easy and fun idea to try is to prepare a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt using glow sticks.

spring activities for kids egg hunt

16. Go on a day trip to a nearby destination

This is a great family adventure to try with your kids! Visit a nearby city or natural attraction and spend the whole day having fun together.

Download the printable spring bucket list

To help you put these ideas into practice easier, I created a printable bucket list that you can download and use with your kids.

All you need to do is display it in your home, and use it as inspiration for planning fun activities with your kids this spring.

printable spring bucket list for kids

This printable is part of our exclusive resource library.

To access the library, click the link below and you’ll get the password for accessing the printable bucket list (and many other printable resources for kids).

Download the printable spring bucket list

The printable file contains a filled-in list and a blank template to write down your own ideas.

If you are already a member of the Playful Notes community, access the printable library here using the password you can find at the bottom of any of my emails.

Have a wonderful spring with many happy moments with your kids!

Discover the joy of spring with these 16 easy and engaging activities for kids! From outdoor games to indoor crafts, our printable Spring Bucket List has everything you need to create memorable family moments. Find inspiration for your little ones and make the most of the season together. Click to get your free printable and start your spring adventure! | Kids Spring Activities | Family Fun | Spring Activities for Kids | Outdoor Fun

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