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Inside: Discover 19 wonderful spring books for kids to enjoy with your little ones this season.

At the start of every month, I display a new set of books on one of our bookshelves to spark my kids’ curiosity and prepare new stories for us to explore together.

In March, I always include a few books about spring to celebrate the start of the season with my kids.

Over the years, we discovered many wonderful children’s books about spring and created a beautiful collection of stories that we love to read again every year.

If you are looking for some lovely books to enjoy with your kids this spring, I gathered here a list of our favorite books to inspire you.

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12 wonderful books about spring for kids

children's books about spring

1- A Seed Is Sleepy (by Diana Aston) | recommended age: 4-8 years

This stunningly illustrated book is a celebration of seeds and all the amazing plants they can become. With detailed illustrations and fascinating facts about different types of seeds, young readers will be inspired to learn more about the natural world.

2 – Too Many Carrots (by Katy Hudson) | recommended age: 3-6 years

In this charming story, Rabbit has a problem: he has collected too many carrots! Luckily, Rabbit’s friends are there to help him out in this sweet tale of sharing and friendship.

3 – Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms (by Julia Rawlinson) | recommended age: 4-7 years

This book shares a lovely story about a fox called Fletcher who discover that spring is full of surprises.

4 – When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons (by Julie Fogliano) | recommended age: 6-10 years

This beautiful collection of poems celebrates the changing of the seasons and captures the essence of each season in a simple and wonderful way.

5 – Singing in the Rain (by Tim Hopgood) | recommended age: 3-5 years

With charming illustrations, this book captures the magic of a rainy day in spring. Young readers will love singing along with the cheerful characters as they splash and play in the rain.

6 – Big Book of Blooms (by Yuval Zommer) | recommended age: 4-8 years

With its large format and stunning illustrations, this book will inspire young readers to learn about different types of blooms and their unique characteristics.

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children's books about spring

7 – The Bug Girl: A True Story (by Sophia Spencer and Margaret McNamara) | recommended age: 4-8 years

Based on the true story of a young girl who loves bugs, this inspiring book celebrates curiosity and perseverance in the face of bullying and adversity. With beautiful illustrations and a powerful message, this book is a must-read for young nature lovers.

8 – Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring (by Kenard Pak) | recommended age: 4-6 years

This beautifully illustrated book takes young readers on a journey through the changing seasons, as a young boy observes how the nature changes from winter to spring.

9 – Bird Watch (by Christie Matheson) | recommended age: 4-8 years

This beautifully illustrated and interactive book invites young readers to spot and identify different types of birds as they explore nature.

10 – Poetree (by Shauna LaVoy Reynolds) | recommended age: 4-8 years

In this magical story, a young girl discovers a mysterious poetree in the woods and learns about the power of poetry and the beauty of nature.

11 – The Little Rabbit (by Nicola Killen) | recommended age: 4-8 years

This lovely spring book shares the story of a magical friendship between a little girl and her stuffed rabbit who comes to life.

12 – The Very Impatient Caterpillar (by Ross Burach) | recommended age: 3-7 years

This funny and relatable story follows a young caterpillar who is tired of waiting for his transformation into a butterfly. He tries all sorts of wacky ways to speed up the process, but in the end learns that patience is the key to growth and change.

More books about spring for kids

13 – Lola Plants a Garden (by Anna McQuinn) | recommended age: 2-4 years

14 – In a Garden (by Tim McCanna) | recommended age: 4-8 years

15 – The Gardener (award-winning book by Sarah Stewart) | recommended age: 4-9 years

16 – Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt (by Kate Messner) | recommended age: 4-7 years

17 – Spring According to Humphrey (by Betty G. Birney) | recommended age: 7-10 years

18 – A Little Bit Brave (by Nicola Kinnear) | recommended age: 3-6 years

19 – Hike (wordless picture book by Pete Oswald) | recommended age: 4-6 years

These books are sure to bring the joys of spring into your home and inspire your little ones to explore the beauty of this season.

Reading together is a wonderful way to bond with your kids and I hope you’ll enjoy discovering these books together!

children's books about spring

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