Motherhood is an amazing journey! It comes with the greatest joys, the most heartwarming moments, the most special hugs.

But it also comes with challenges. With sleepless nights, tears and tantrums, worries and doubts.

This is why I created this blog. I want to share with you all the tips that made parenting easier for me, all the ideas that made our family life happier, all the struggles we faced and solutions we found.

Whatever you want to build a more peaceful home, connect with your kids more, or find solutions for parenting challenges, there is something here just for you!

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Discover simple tools and solutions to help  you build a happy family life

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Do you ever feel like you are wasting too much time dealing with power struggles instead of connecting with your kids and finding positive ways to discipline them? 

For a limited time we invite you to download the Positive Discipline Toolkit. This ebook is designed to offer you easy tips that will make discipline easier and help you build a strong relationship with your child!

Welcome to my blog! is a place where you can find tips and ideas that will help you overcome parenting struggles, build a happy family, and connect with your kids every single day!

I'm so glad that you are here!

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