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Teacher Appreciation Week is just a few days away, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to show teachers how much we appreciate them!

During the pandemic, when we celebrated this week while my son was learning online, it mattered more than ever to show our gratitude to the teachers for all their hard work!

Since we couldn’t give my son’s teacher any gifts in person that year, I tried to find some easy ways to show our appreciation from home.

So I came up with a “schedule” to send her a little surprise every day!

Our schedule of simple and meaningful teacher appreciation ideas

If you are looking for some nice teacher appreciation ideas to try this year, I hope that our schedule will inspire you!

Monday: A homemade card

I created a nice printable card for us to use. To make it easier for my son, I added some dotted lines for him to use when writing the card.

If you want to download the printable card, you can find it here. (There are 3 templates to choose from based on your child’s age.)

Tuesday: A video message

I recorder a special video message with my son thanking his teacher for everything she does for all the kids in her classroom.

A similar idea we tried was to record him reading the book Because I Had a Teacher. The books has such a wonderful message, and his teacher loved it!

(If you are looking for a wonderful book to offer as a gift to a teacher, this book is a perfect choice!)

Wednesday: A craft for the teacher

Here is an easy and cute craft my son made for his kindergarten teacher.

teacher appreciation ideas 2022

Here is another version of the craft that my son created for his first grade teacher.

teacher appreciation ideas 2022

The idea is super simple! If you want to try this, here is how to create it using the printable at the end of this post:

  • Cut out the circle and the colored strips.
  • Invite your child to come up with nice things about their teacher and write them on the strips of paper. Leave some space on the side to be able to glue the strips in the next step.
  • Print the page with the light yellow circle and start gluing the strips all around the circle.
  • After all the strips are glued, add the circle on top and glue it. That’s all!

Thursday: A special drawing

I created a template for a “Me and my teacher” drawing because my son told me he wants to draw a picture of him with his teacher. He also added a short message under the drawing, and it looked lovely!

Friday: A letter / email of appreciation

On Friday, it is my turn to show my appreciation for my son’s teacher!

I like to send her a heartfelt email (or card) to let her know how much I appreciate everything she does.

This is our list of teacher appreciation ideas! If you want to try them as well, you can download the printable set below.

Download the printable set of Teacher Appreciation Ideas

teacher appreciation ideas printable pack

The set includes the card templates, the template for the “Me and my teacher” drawing, and the template for our craft idea.

>> Click here to download the printable set

More ideas to try with your kids:

Teacher appreciation ideas: Discover simple and meaningful ideas to try during teacher appreciation week to show gratitude to your child's teachers.

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