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Get the Playful Mom Toolkit for only $7 (50% off) and connect with your kids in just 30 minutes a day!

The toolkit will offer you easy ideas for 20 days of joy and connection that will bring you closer to your kids!

playful mom toolkit

This kit will help you build a stronger relationship with your kids!

The Playful Mom Toolkit is designed for moms of young kids (2.5 to 7 years old). Here is how it will help you:

— You will spend quality time with your kids, connecting and having fun together.

— You’ll build a happier and more peaceful home.

— You’ll only need 30 minutes every day to put the activities into practice.

— You won’t need any special supplies, the activities are ready to go.

Get the Playful Mom Toolkit and make the most of every day with your kids!

The toolkit includes:

The workbook (24 pages of activity ideas)

The workbook includes all the inspiration you’ll need for enjoying 20 days of play and connection!

playful mom toolkit

The Activity Pack (11 printable resources)

The printable pack includes all the printable pages that you’ll need for the activities in the workbook.

playful mom toolkit

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Buy the Playful Mom Toolkit for only $7 (and get 50% off regular price)

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