tooth fairy ideas

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Inside: Discover 17 awesome tooth fairy ideas that will help you create a wonderful tradition that your kids will love!

tooth fairy ideas

It was late and my son asked me to spend some time cuddling with me in my bed before going to sleep. We turned off the lights in the bedroom, I hugged him, and we started talking.

Suddenly, while my son was telling me about his favorite dinosaurs, he stopped and looked at me with a frightened face. I could hardly see him in the dark, but I quickly knew that something was wrong.

“Mom, my tooth is loose!”, he said just before opening his mouth to point to one of his lower teeth.

This was totally unexpected! My son is only 4 years and 10 months old and I never imagined that he will start losing his baby teeth so soon!

So my first reaction was to panic! I turn on the lights and called my husband. I didn’t even know at that point that losing a tooth before turning 5 is normal.

After a quick online research, I found out that kids can lose their first tooth anytime between the ages of 4 and 7. But even if I calmed down after reading this, my son was really scared and worried.

I realized that my reaction made him feel that something is wrong and I felt so sorry! I started telling him more details about his teeth and explained to him that this process is normal.

The explanations made him feel a little bit better but he was still scared and couldn’t fall asleep. Luckily, some of the anxiety tips that I’ve learned in the last year helped me deal with the situation and make him feel safe.

But there was one thing that really changed his mood that night: finding out about the tooth fairy!

As we were not expecting this to happen so soon we never talked with him about the tooth fairy before. And he loved the story about the fairy that brings a little gift for every baby teeth that kids lose.

I told him that we can prepare for the first visit of the tooth fairy as soon as his tooth falls out and this made him fall asleep with a smile on his face.

The next day I started looking for tooth fairy ideas to help me make this moment memorable for him. I discovered some lovely ideas and I’m glad to share them with you, in case you want to include the tooth fairy on your list of family traditions.

You’ll find here some lovely DIY ideas as well as awesome kits, pillows, and books that are perfect for a memorable toot fairy visit.

Tooth fairy ideas: keepsake kits

At first, I found many awesome DIY ideas that I loved! But as I am not a very crafty person and I didn’t have a lot of time at hand, I also looked for some keepsake kits that are ready to use.

And I found some awesome ones on Amazon!

tooth fairy ideas

1 – Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow With Notepad And Keepsake Pouch

This set includes 3 pieces: a pillow with a pocket, a notepad, and a keepsake photo pouch.

My son is a big fan of superheroes, so as soon as I saw this set I knew that he will love it!

2 – Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit With Notepad And Keepsake Pouch

This set includes the same 3 pieces but with a different design. I like the “princess tooth” pillow a lot and the notepad is really cute as well!

Tooth fairy ideas: Lovely Pillows

The tooth fairy pillows are both nice and practical! I found some very fun designs that are great for young kids!

tooth fairy ideas

1 – Little Boy’s Blue Tooth Fairy Pillow – This pillow is super cute!

2 – Maison Chic Drake the Dragon Tooth Fairy – This is a great choice for kids who like dragons.

3 – Lillian Rose Tooth Pillow – This is a more traditional design and I liked the idea of being able to hang it on the door.

More tooth fairy ideas

Here are some extra tooth fairy ideas that I was happy to discover!

tooth fairy ideas

1 – Twinkle Toof Tooth – This plastic tooth opens and has a special compartment inside to keep the teeth safe. It also glows in the dark and this makes it super fun for the kids!

2 – Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit with Keepsake Notepad and Magic Glitter – I love the idea of the magic glitter! 🙂 The set includes a pillow, a notepad where you can write details about every tooth fairy visit, and the glitter.

3 – PLAYMOBIL® Tooth Fairy – If your kids are Playmobil fans, they will certainly enjoy this set!

Books about the tooth fairy

My son likes stories and I often use books to explain him different new things that happen in his life. This is how I discovered 3 very nice books about the tooth fairy that are great for kids who lose their first tooth.

tooth fairy ideas

1 – You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt – a funny story about the tooth fairy

2 – The tooth fairy (Peppa Pig) by Scholastic – a short story for Peppa Pig’s fans

3 – Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth by James Dean – a nice books from the Pete the Cat collection that is also great for kids who are just starting to read.

Tooth fairy ideas that you can try at home: printables & DIY tutorials

If you prefer to create something at home for preparing the tooth fairy’s visit, here are some awesome ideas that you could try!

1 – Create a homemade pillow for your child using this tutorial for making a felt tooth fairy pillow from Buggy and Buddy.

2 – Use this easy DIY tooth fairy pillow tutorial from One Creative Mommy to create a nice pillow for your child.

3 – Download and use this lovely tooth fairy receipt created by See Vanessa Craft.

4 – The Monster tooth fairy pillow from Happy Go Lucky is another great idea that you could try!

5 – You can also celebrate the tooth fairy’s visit with this lovely printable tooth fairy certificate from Momdot.

6 – Make this tradition even more fun with this simple Gold Coin printable from the tooth fairy created by Hello, Wonderful. 

For me, my son’s first loose tooth came as a big surprise! I wasn’t prepared for this to happen so soon but I’m also happy that we get to celebrate this new milestone in his life!

The tooth fairy tradition is a great way to make these moments special and I’m glad that my son loved the idea!

If you are getting ready for the first visit of the tooth fairy, I hope that you found here some good inspiration and that your kids will enjoy these ideas!

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Discover 17 awesome tooth fairy ideas that will help you create a wonderful tradition that your kids will love! You'll get all the inspiration you need to make the tooth fairy's visit memorable and fun! --- Tooth fairy printable | Tooth fairy for boys | Tooth fair traditions | Advice for moms #ToothFairy #MomLife #AdviceForMoms

These ideas are awesome! Discover 17 great tooth fairy ideas that will help you create a wonderful tradition that your kids will love! You'll get all the inspiration you need to make the tooth fairy's visit memorable and fun! --- Tooth fairy printable | Tooth fairy for boys | Tooth fair traditions | Advice for moms #ToothFairy #MomLife #AdviceForMoms

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