My Travel Journal - Playful Notes

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My Travel Journal - Playful Notes

Today I found some photos from a road trip that we did 2 years ago and it was so wonderful to see them! Not only that I remembered lovely moments that we enjoyed during the trip but I also realized how much my son has grown (and changed) in these 2 years.

We have thousands of photos from our trips but we rarely get to enjoy them! Most of them are stored online in different folders and we almost lost track of them because they are so many!

As we travel often we constantly have new photos added to our collection and not enough time (and energy) to organize all of them. This is why this year I decided to be more intentional about our travel memories. Not only because they are some of our favorite family memories but also because I want my son to be able to review these wonderful moments from his childhood anytime he wants.

Luckily, I discovered two lovely ways to do this!

The first one is creating photo books for our vacations. We won’t do this for every trip but I’ll try to do it for all the important family vacations. Shutterfly and Mixbook are 2 great sites for creating awesome photo books and I like both of them!

The other one is creating a travel journal for all our family trips. This is a great (and inexpensive) way to record memories and it’s also a wonderful activity for my son to do while traveling.

How to use travel journals for kids to record happy memories

I found some nice travel journals online but I wanted to create a simple and playful journal that is suitable for my son’s age. So I designed our own travel journal that is easy to fill in for young kids.

The pages only contain a few details about each day of vacation and space for the child to draw something.

As my son doesn’t read yet, I am the one filling in the journal pages with him. I write all his answers and he makes a drawing about the day!

If you have a toddler or a preschooler, creating a travel journal can be a great activity to enjoy together while traveling!

Writing in the journal is an activity that you can do before bedtime every day during the vacation. You can transform it into a nice ritual that will help you connect with your child before going to sleep.

travel journal for kids

A great way to keep all the travel memories organized

Having all the travel journal pages organized is very easy if you create a special binder for them.

You just need a binder with a clear cover (like this one) and the printable journal pages. For each vacation you only have to print the number of pages you’ll need and take them with you on your trip.

After you return home, you can add the pages to the binder. This will allow you to have all the travel memories gathered in one big binder that you can review anytime you want with your child!

The printable travel journal for kids

I’ve created this journal for young kids (toddlers and preschoolers) to be able to record their travel memories in an easy and playful way! The journal can be used for older kids too!

The printable travel journal for kids includes:

  • a cover for your binder (you can choose from several alternatives)
  • a personalizable cover for each trip (where you can add the child’s name and the details of the trip)
  • a “Before the trip” journal page (to fill in before the vacation starts)
  • 8 templates for the journal pages (you can the templates that your child likes the most)
  • an “After the trip” journal page (to fill in after you get home).

travel journal for kids

How to download the printable travel journal for kids

For a limited time, you can download the travel journal for free using the below link.

I know that many parents plan family vacations this time of the year and I hope that this journal will make your trips more fun! I’m sure that you and your kids will fill it in with many happy memories that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

>> Click here to download the travel journal for kids (free for a limited time) <<

I wish you many happy and playful vacations with your kids!

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Your kids will love recording their memories in this fun travel journal for kids! It'll make a great keepsake for years to come! --- Download this awesome printable kid travel journal for your upcoming trip to create a DIY travel journal for kids! It's FREE only for a limited time! | Nice and playful travel journal pages for kids

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