Valentine's Day activities for kids

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Inside: Discover 8 fun and creative Valentine’s Day activities for kids that your little ones will love!

The thing I like most about Valentine’s Day is that it offers us a great opportunity to teach kids about love, kindness and friendship!

But I also like the idea of using this celebration as an inspiration for preparing fun and creative activities for the little ones!

At the beginning of February, I always prepare a small box with a few items we can use for Valentine’s Day activities. My son is very happy to discover the box and this has become a February tradition in our home!

Here is what it’s included in the box last year:  a Butterfly and Hearts Stamp Set, heart stickers, white and red pom poms, and a Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set.

In the first two weeks of February, I use the items in the box and other things we have around the house to prepare some easy activities for the kids. And we have a lot of fun trying new ideas every year!

Valentine's Day activities for kids

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day activities to try with your kids this year, I gathered here our favorite ideas to offer you some inspiration!

8 easy and fun Valentine’s Day activities for kids

All these activities are easy to prepare, so you can quickly set them up for your little ones. They are great for encouraging kids to get creative and connecting with them through fun activities!

Valentine's Day activities for kids

1. Valentine’s Day playdough station

This is an open-ended activity that is suitable for many ages.

I used a tray and included playdough, cookie cutters, craft gems, pipe cleaners, buttons, and beads.

We used the playdough station in many ways, but our favorite idea was creating “Valentine’s Day cookies” and decorating them.

Valentine's Day activities for kids

2. Valentine’s Day creation station

Preparing a simple Valentine’s Day creation station for kids will bring hours of creative fun for your little ones!

It’s one of the best Valentine’s Day activities for kids and you can quickly prepare it with just a few supplies.

You can find all the details about this activity (including a supply list) here: How to create a simple Valentine’s Day creation station for kids.

Valentine's Day activities for kids

3. “I love when you…” activity

This activity is a wonderful way to connect as a family and make your kids feel loved!

Here is how to prepare it:

  • Each family member receives a template for every member of the family (except themselves). The template with 8 big rectangles is for adults and older kids, and the template with 4 rectangles is for young kids.
  • Start by filling in the names on the bottom of every page, then write in each of the hearts one thing that completes the sentence “I love when you…” for each of the family members. (Young kids can draw inside the
    rectangles instead of writing.)
  • Try to be as specific as possible and write unique things about your family members.
  • After everybody finishes completing the templates, each family member will give the others the lists that belong to them. Read the lists you receive and enjoy all the reasons why your family loves you!
family activity for Valentine's Day

4. Heart sun catchers

For this activity we used contact paper, tissue paper confetti circles, and glitter.

We used the contact paper to cut out 5 sticky hearts, then my son added the tissue paper pieces and glitter to decorate them.

After he finished decorating them, we used contact paper to “seal” the sun catchers and put them on the window. They look really cute!

Valentine's Day activities for kids
Valentine's Day activities for kids

5. Valentine’s Day treasure hunt

This idea is great for preparing a nice surprise for your kids!

Here is how I prepared it:

  • I used 9 pieces of paper and added a heart sticker on each of them.
  • On the stickers I added the numbers from 1 to 9, and on the back I wrote parts of a message for my son. (My message was: “You unlocked a special movie night: We will watch DisneyNature Bears”.)
  • I hid the pieces of paper throughout the house and invited my son to search for them.
  • After he found all the pieces, I invited him to put them on the table in the right order and them flip them to discover the “secret message”.

He loved the idea and we all enjoyed a fun movie night later that day!

Valentine's Day activities for kids

6. “Silly hearts” (an easy and fun art activity)

This was one of my son’s favorite activities! We used paper hearts and craft supplies to create our silly hearts and used them as decorations.

Here are all the details about this activity: Silly hearts: An easy and fun heart art activity for kids.

Valentine's Day activities for kids

7. Valentine’s Day conversation bingo

This is one of my favorite activities because it offers us the chance to start meaningful conversations while having fun together.

This Valentine’s Day bingo has an added twist: instead of just playing the bingo game, I added conversation starters on each of the calling cards.

You can download the printable game here: Valentine’s Day conversation bingo: A fun game to enjoy with your kids.

Valentine's Day conversation bingo for kids

8. Heart maps

This activity is a lovely way to discover what brings joy to your child and what things are important to them.

For this activity you will need:

Valentine's Day activities for kids

How to prepare this activity:

  • Print the template inside the activity guide – one for you and one for every child. (You can also invite the kids to draw the heart using the template as an example.)
  • Invite the kids to fill in the heart with people, activities, places, or memories that bring them joy. They can write inside the heart or make drawings. You will do the same and fill in your heart.
  • Color the heart and add designs.
  • Once everybody has drawn their heart map, take turns sharing what you included inside it.

More Valentine’s Day activities for kids

Here are more Valentine’s Day activities for kids that we plan to try this month:

  • “I love you” banner (by Fun with Mama) – an easy painting activity for kids that is great for Valentine’s Day

Discover 8 fun and creative Valentine's Day activities for kids that your little ones will love!

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