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Inside: Discover our list of lovely big brother books that are perfect for helping your child get ready for a new baby!

Ever since my son was a toddler, books have always helped me approach new situations or challenges that we faced. Stories have a wonderful impact on children and can help them understand new situations better, overcome challenges, and adapt to changes.

This is why when we found out that a new baby will join our family I knew that books can help me get my son ready for this big change in his life!

One day we discovered at the library the book Lola Reads to Leo, and my son was happy to listen to the story. He was excited that in a few months he will have a sibling as well, and he told me that he wants to read many books to the baby.

big brother books

His enthusiasm made me want to find other books about babies and big brothers for us to read together. Unfortunately, the library only had a few books on this topic and they all were for toddlers, so my son wasn’t interested in them.

When we got home I started searching for big brother books that were suitable for his age (he is 5 now) and I discovered 5 wonderful books. If you are looking for some great books for helping your child get ready for his role as a big brother, I hope that you’ll find some good inspiration on this list!

1. Big brother books: I’m a Big Brother by Joanna Cole and Rosalinda Kightley (illustrator)

I loved the fact that the author mentions the importance of offering guidance and reassurance to big brothers as they get used to this big change. This is something that I also consider very important, so I really enjoyed her approach.

2.Big brother books: What Brothers Do Best by Laura Numeroff

This book has lovely illustrations and it’s great for getting kids excited for their role as big siblings!

3. Big brother books: I Am a Big Brother and Big Brothers Are the Best

These books are great for toddlers but they can be a fun read for preschoolers as well.

4. Big brother books: Big Brother Daniel (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) by Angela C. Santomero and Jason Fruchter (illustrator)

My son is a big fan of Daniel Tiger series so I knew that he would love this book! The story is based on a special episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood when Baby Margaret joins the family.

If your kids love Daniel Tiger as well, this book is perfect for getting them ready for a new baby!

5. Big brother books: The New Baby at Your House by Joanna Cole and Margaret Miller (illustrator)

This is a different type of book because it has photographs instead of illustrations. The story is meant to helps kids deal with the intense feelings of welcoming a new baby into the family, and it’s perfect for preschoolers!

Bonus: A lovely Big Brother Gift Set

If you want to offer your child more than a just a book bout becoming a big brother, check out this gift set!

The set includes a book (called “Brothers are superheroes”), a cape and a mask. This gift is great for making big brothers feel special and celebrating the new baby, and it can be a perfect surprise for the little ones!

I hope that our list was a good inspiration for you in case you are looking for the perfect book to help your child get ready for the new baby!

If you have any other recommendations of big brother books that your kids enjoyed, I would love to discover them so please share them with me in the comments! 

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Discover our list of lovely big brother books that are perfect for helping your child get ready for a new baby! --- Books for older siblings | Preparing for a new baby

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