21 great mom-toddler date ideas to make your child happy {+ printable invitations}

Raluca Loteanu January 12, 2017
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If you want to make your child feel happy and special, here are some great mom-toddler date ideas! I'm sure that your child will love them! | Mom-child date ideas | Mother-toddler date ideas | Mom-son date ideas | Mom-daughter date ideas

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The first month of my parenting challenge for 2017 is dedicated to building a better connection between me and my little boy, so I gathered a lot of ideas about how to do this and one of my favorites is the mom-son dates.

I discovered a lot of lists with ideas, but most of them were for older children, so I made my own list of ideas which are suitable for small kids.

I share with you my list of mom-toddler date ideas and I hope you find here the inspiration you need for planning a lot of nice dates with your kids. 🙂

The main idea of a date is to spend a special time with the child and to make something that he really likes. The only rule the parent needs to follow is to focus 100% on the child, without any distractions (so no notifications on the cell, no important calls, just time spent with the child).

The dates don’t need to be something extraordinary because children only need our attention and the quality time with us will be certainly appreciated, even if we do some ordinary things like going together to the grocery shop. It is not about the place you go, it’s all about the connection you build.

To make the dates even more special for Bogdan I plan to prepare an invitation and give it to him, I’m sure he will really enjoy it and will look forward to having our date.

You can download our printable invitations for the mom-toddler dates at the end of this post.

If you like the idea and plan to have your own mom-toddler date, here is my list of date ideas, I hope you will find some inspiration.


  • 15+ printable resources: activities for kids, morning checklists, chore lists, planners, and much more
  • plus 12 months of ideas to help you build a happy relationship with your child

My list of mom-toddler date ideas

Make a dance party at home (choose a nice playlist with the songs he likes and dance together)

Go to the library and enjoy the children’s book collection

Go out for an ice cream in a nice place

Go on a day trip together and explore some nice places close to your homephoto credit: Svetlana Happyland / shutterstock.com

Cook a nice meal together (or bake some cookies)

Go out to a restaurant and eating his favorite meal

Go to the zoo or to the aquarium

Go to a farm and spend some time in nature and playing with the animals

Make a shopping list together with some things that he likes and go to the grocery shop to buy them

Go to a children museum

Make a craft together (you can also make some handmade presents for dad and grandparents)

Have a picnic (if the weather is cold, you can have the picnic at home, on the floor of your living room)photo credit: vlavetal / shutterstock.com

Attend a play (if the child is old enough to have patience during the play)

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Go stargazing

Go to the bookstore and buy some nice children books

Cuddle up in bed and read all his favorite storiesphoto credit: Africa Studio / shutterstock.com

Have a Pajama party at home, with dance, pillow fights, and popcorn

Go on a coffee day to a nice coffee shop (you can enjoy a tasty coffee, the child can enjoy a glass of milk and a muffin)

Create a photo booth at home and make a lot of funny photos together (then you can print some of them and hang them in the house)

Make a fort together and spend some time in the fort reading books or playing games

Download the printable invitations for mom-toddler dates

At the end I want to share with you our templates for the mom-toddler dates, I hope you will enjoy them and use them with your kids.

To download the printable you just need to enter your email address below. This will also give you access to the Playful Notes community where you’ll find a lot of other ideas and our full printable collection.

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photo credit preview photo: Jurij Krupiak / shutterstock.com

If you want to make your child feel happy and special, here are some great mom-toddler date ideas! I'm sure that your child will love them! | Mom-child date ideas | Mother-toddler date ideas | Mom-son date ideas | Mom-daughter date ideas
Mom-toddler date ideas | Mom son date ideas | Mom daughter date ideas | Date ideas for kids
Mom-toddler date ideas | Mom-child date ideas | Date ideas for kids

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