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  • box with lid (small storage box / shoe box)
  • small items like toys or craft supplies


  • The first player places a number of small items in a box (4 to 10 items depending on the age of the player who needs to remember them; e.g, 4 items for a young kid and 10 items for an older kid or an adult).
  • The next player takes a close look at the items and tries to remember them. When they are ready, they place the lid on the box to cover the items.
  • Then, the player has one minute to name all the items in the box. They get 1 point if they remember more than half the items and 2 points if they remember all the items. Then, they will be the ones hiding other items for the next player to remember.
  • The winner is the player with the highest score after 5 rounds.

Sharing is caring!

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